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More on the Owl and Crocodile

November 5, 2012

who's talking, crocodile, owl, dr. boorsteinSometimes when we read complicated words, we tend to skip over them instead of trying to make sense of them.  That is why I chose animal characters in order to metaphorically describe the difficult concepts I set out to convey.  I wanted to make them interesting, and in turn, less frightening to the reader.

Let me introduce the characters, which both reside in all of us!  They can both be our friend and our enemy at different times.

The crocodile, who's talking, Dr. BoorsteinCrocodile.  A mean old reptile that represents a part of our brain who’s only goal is to product us individually at all times at all costs, whether rational or not.  The Crocodile reacts to situations extremely quickly without any consideration to the eventual outcome. This can be good if you are driving and a child runs in front of your car. Extremely fast reaction is what you want, save the child; do not think about the cars in back of you. On the other hand, in a relationship, your crocodile reaction may be very damaging. Your partner, whom you love, comes home and is very tired and says something which your crocodile senses as frightening sends up your danger flag.  Your crocodile will usually say something in order to ward off the perceived attack, and this will usually end badly for both parties.


owl, who's talking, Dr. Boorstein

The Owl.  The Wise Owl represents the slower more thoughtful part of our brain. The Owl sits in the tree and speaks slowly and wisely. Again, this can be good and bad.  In the same scenario of the child running in front of the car, a slow well thought out reaction to the situation may results in a dead child.  On the other hand, in relationships, a slow thoughtful reaction to a difficult situation will help to diffuse the difficulty, thus providing a happy ending.

The Owl and Crocodile reside within us at the same time.  In my book, I try to help the reader to listen and understand both of them.  If one can practice knowing “Who Is Talking Now?” using the techniques I describe, they can strengthen their Owl reaction and repair and bring joy to their relationship.

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