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The Do-It Yourself Tool Kit

November 10, 2012

There is a lot that you can do by yourself to increase your awareness of “Who’s talking now?” and positively affect your relationships. Some of the ways you can do this are by:

1.      Lessen your fear and anger 

When we are flooded with the negative emotions of fear and anger, in the confusion of the moment our crocodiles say or do things which are destructive. Try to slow things down and ask yourself, “Who’s Talking Now?” This will help give your owl time to come into the exchange, so that you can handle the situation more skillfully. Then ask yourself, “Why would it bother me?” to help lessen your fear and anger.

For Example:

Owl Question: Why are you so afraid of being involved?

Crocodile Answer: They will reject me.

Owl Question: Why would it bother you to be rejected?

Crocodile Answer: It would be terrible to be alone and scared.

Owl Question: Why would if bother you if you were along and scared?

Crocodile Answer: I think that I’ll die

2.      Take caring of yourself 

Caring for yourself will strengthen the wisdom and caring of your owl so it can have a greater chance to show itself

3.      Exercise     

When exercising your brain signals the body to produce endorphins, a hormone in the brain that is a great antidepressant

4.      Get plenty of sleep and rest 

Our crocodiles stay on guard no matter how much sleep you get, but our owls, with inadequate rest, lose power to stay engaged

5.      Having a healthy diet                                                                 

A balanced diet is crucial as it supplies adequate and useable supplies of energy to our brains. Our crocodiles stay on guard with a lack of food, but our owl’s thinking can be impaired by such things as low blood sugar.


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