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About the Book

Who’s Talking Now? The Owl or The Crocodile is a simplified version of our brain’s functioning, using the Crocodile to represent our Reptilian or (survival) Limbic brain. The Owl is used to represent our (Neo-cortical) Wise, and “Higher” more loving brain. Because the Crocodile  “moves” about 30 times faster than the Owl and only uses about 5% of the incoming data, it gets to center stage first with 100% of its agenda. Our survival (Limbic) brain is activated by FEAR OF DYING as perceived by the Crocodile. When fear produces the production of adrenalin the person usually goes into the fight or flight (eg: pouting) mode. The Crocodile brain is very good for swerving or avoiding an accident on the highway, but is very poorly suited for interpersonal; relationships.

In Dr. Boorstein’s experiences all, or almost all fighting, (parent/child, husband/wife, employer/employee, friend/friend) stems from the couples “interpreting” the situation as life threatening and then going in to the fight/flight mode.

The book, using whimsically illustrated clinical vignettes clarifies and shows how to identify Who is talking now, Owl or Crocodile and to see the usual irrational thought pattern leading to anger which is the leading cause of relationship breakup and or damage. Much of the book focuses on strategies to circumvent, prevent or undo the Crocodile’s unloving agenda and substitute the Owl’s wiser, loving, kind and caring approach.

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